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Patients are seen by appointments. Walk-in patients are also welcome for emergencies or when time permits.  Please call the office for confirmation and walk-in times.  Every effort is made for our patients to be seen in a timely manner.  On the day of your appointment, please arrive 15 minutes early.  Your prompt arrival will help us to better serve all our patients.  Please call 949-4547 at least 24 hours before if you are unable to keep your appointment.  This courtesy on your part enables us to offer that time to others.

Parker Dental Center Functions as a fee for service practice; our services are very affordable and comparable to other offices in the area.  Every effort is made to operate the office using good business practices.  We believe that financial concerns should never stand in the way of good quality dental care.  Therefore, we accept third party payments from private insurance companies, cash, all types of credit cards, Medicaid, and we also provide financing through Capital One. Patients are responsible for the deductible and any part of the bill not covered by the insurance company.

For those patients who are not covered by insurance, payment of fees are expected as dental services are rendered.


The deductible refers to the amount of money that you, the insured would need to pay before any benefits from the health insurance policy can be used. This is usually a yearly amount so when the next year starts again, the deductible would be in effect again. Some services, like basic cleanings, may be available without meeting the deductible first. Deductibles range from $50-150 per family member

This is the amount that would need to be paid by you, the insured before the insurance pays and in addition to the deductible.

Pre-existing Conditions
This is dental condition that someone had before obtaining the insurance policy. Some plans will cover pre-existing conditions while most others may completely exclude them and, in addition, some dental insurance plans will cover pre-existing conditions after a certain time period.

Waiting Period

This is the time one would have to wait until certain dental insurance coverage’s are available / covered by your insurance plan.

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